PhD Candidate

I am passionate about machine learning and related fields.


My research interests are:

  • Preference Learning
  • Meta-Learning
  • Intelligent Decision Making / Reinforcement Learning


The ML technologies I am currently interested are:

  • Probabilistic Ranking Models
  • Online Algorithms (for Large Scale Applications)
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Neural Networks
  • Matrix Factorization based Collaborative Filtering approaches (including implicit feedback/positive-only data)
  • MDS techniques

Recent papers:

  • Dyad ranking using Plackett–Luce models based on joint feature representations [paper][bib]
  • A Latent-Feature Plackett-Luce Model for Dyad Ranking Completion [paper][bib][slides]
  • Preference-based Reinforcement Learning using Dyad Ranking [paper][bib][slides]
  • Plackett-Luce Networks for Dyad Ranking [paper][bib][slides][code]
  • Preference-Based Meta-Learning using Dyad Ranking: Recommending Algorithms in Cold-Start Situations [paper][bib]
  • Dyad Ranking using a Bilinear Plackett-Luce Model [paper][bib]
  • Nameling Discovery Challenge - Collaborative Neighborhoods [paper][bib]

Past Work

I have used the following technologies:

  • [Web Development] PHP, AngularJS, Python
  • [Administration] Bash-Scripting, Apache, Debian Linux-Server, Nginx, Puppet


Both aspects, development and administration, were subject of my work within an educational environment, where I came in touch with web hosting related issues ranging from Server Virtualization with VMWare (, OpenStack, Ganeti,...), services such as LDAP down to the network level. My developments were focused on extending the capabilities of the Learning Management Software (LMS) ILIAS. One of my recent projects was about the design and realization of a REST interface (including OAuth2).